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Dog Owners!

Your dream of owning a pet while in elementary school is valid for all the good reasons that will make your childhood fun and makes you become a responsible kid. Spending time with your pet helps you reduce stress, tackle loneliness and anxiety. It is a fact that kids who grow up in homes that have pets reduce the risk of getting allergies and asthma.

Taking your dog out for a walk and play will be fulfilling your responsibility as a kid that involves playing and having fun. This is what makes you very healthy. In addition, feeding and caring for your pet will make you embrace childhood responsibilities and practice parenthood. dalmation

Another benefit of having a pet, as a kid is it can offer you company when doing your homework and you can practice reading by reading aloud to your pet. In addition, sharing a pet among family members creates a stronger bond among siblings and parents.

If you had second thoughts about getting that dog or cat or any pet of your choice, you should hurry up, start getting its food, and prepare its bedding. You will have more fun owning a pet when young and energetic.

At our school we are watching the FIFA World Cup of 2014 is scheduled to be held in Brazil in the month of June and July. The largest football tournament in the world will consist of 32 teams who have made it to this stage after grueling qualification rounds. However, what is interesting here is that while the rest of the world love this game of football, the people in the United States of America are not quite sure about it. They have their own version of football, which is a different game altogether.soccer2

That is why they have coined the term “soccer” to describe this game. Nevertheless, this confusion has not stopped them from participating and over the years, they have come up with some good performances by competing with the best in the world. In fact, they made it to the semifinals of the very first FIFA world cup of 1930 but has never repeated that feat since then. So, it will be interesting to see if they can do any better this time although their population is obsessed more with basketball and baseball. I also think that I need to look into easy scholarships or try to get a soccer type of scholarship for my school. I would like to play professional one day. But I talked to the lady that was in charge at school and she said that I would be fine, but you can’t stop be from looking out for my own best when it comes to going to school.

The Prom!

Today I am chaperoning my high school’s prom. As I went through the day today, I realized that it has been over ten years since I attend my senior prom. Chaperoning makes me think back to my years in high school with some nostalgia.

I remember being in class on the Friday before the dance wondering if my date would be a good dancer and would act like a gentleman. Lifeseemed so simple then! I didn’t have car payments, student loans, or a job to worry about.

My sole concern was my date and his dancing ability. Life has changed so much!prom I love being a teacher and the opportunities that it presents me to work with high school students, but it sometimes makes me wish that I could go back and live that simple of a life once again. Tonight when I see the students in their dresses and tuxedos, it will make me remember some of the happy times I had as a high school senior. Even though I can’t go back to those times, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to influence students lives on a daily basis. Oddly, the dude is so off that he could probably could get some odd or weird scholarships, LOL!!! who knows. I am glad that I am grown up now!

May 9th

After having to see how many people are not able to really fend for themselves. I think it is important to for people to really stay updated on the things that they are paying attention too. I usually to make sure that I updated on everything in the world at least once or twice per day. This way, I can make sure that I am in the know. There are great news sources online and offline. schoolmed

One of the best new sources online is Huffintonpost. Most of these stories come from various places. Another great news place is the onionand Fair. If you cannot find it here, it usually did not happen!

I have also been wanting to follow up on basic news is medical news. In going to medical school, we have also seen the need for anatomy and physiology study guide helps. In fact, this, oddly, seems to be the trend with people who are going through college.