Monthly Archives: August 2014

Getting Older

A friend of mine was giving me some advise on weight loss and I decided to try her “trick”. She is a part of my scholarships for women over 40 group, so especially at this age, I need to really watch how I take care of myself.  She said she eats a small meal in the morning, cereal or oatmeal, then a mid morning snack, typically some fruit. For lunch, just a tomato sandwich, I thought that was a bit strange at first, but I tried it, and I’m definitely hooked. It’s just two slices of bread, a few slices of tomato, mayonnaise, and some pepper to taste. It tastes good, I usually toast mine in the oven, gives it that extra something you know! Then a light afternoon snack, maybe a piece of bread with honey and peanut butter, or some granola, or fruit. Then, a regular dinner, chicken with some vegetables. I have been doing this for over a month now and we have lost 10 lbs. I think I will stick with it and possibly join a gym soon also.

Love Steak

I think my favorite thing to eat is steak. I can eat steak in the morning, I can eat steak in the afternoon, I think that’s how I got to thinking about steak today from a best term life insurance companies showing a couple eating steak, I can eat steak in the evening. I feel like I even dream about it. Unfortunately I don’t really eat it all that often as I’m trying to watch my weight. Since I got my Gall Bladder out, I haven’t been able to handle as much fat, which is probably a great thing anyway as too much fat is not good for one’s body. I try to stay as healthy as possible and even go to the gym a few times a week. If anyone has any suggestions on how to eat steak more, or other kinds of steaks that may be better for you than others, I would welcome whatever advise I can take. I love steak and wish I could eat it each and every single day. Until I can really it it every day, I will enjoy my once per month juicy steak.


We just bought a puppy the other day and he has been such a joy to have around the house. He only wakes up about once during the night which isn’t all that bad. We had a dog some years ago and when he was a puppy he must have woken us up about 4 or 5 times throughout the night. It was tough, for some reason he just would not sleep through the night and we were never really able to potty train him. Our new puppy has been doing great though, even lets us know when he has to go potty. And he doesn’t whine when we put him in the crate. It’s a great experience so far.  Much better experience than trying to get wacky scholarships, now that was weird.


I really like photography, I think you can capture so many beautiful moments.  We just bought our daughter a hello kitty camera, she may become a professional herself.  Everywhere we go now, she’s wanting to take pictures of everything.  Some pictures, we don’t even realize she’s taking, and she’s taking really good shots also.  Pretty good for being only 6 years old.  Here are some photography sites I like.

Learning this is a lot more fun than learning how to get scholarships for your kids, or something.

Be Aware

There are a lot of bad credit consolidation loans out there.  Be aware!  A friend of mine was desperate to get out of debt and she thought she did some thorough searching to find the right one.  She came across a company that advertised that they were trustworthy (probably a red flag) and honest, and inexpensive.  So, she went with them.  They promised a big loan, had her fill out all this paperwork, then, they asked for a small deposit of $250, refundable after her first payment was made.  This was made to seem legit like they do this as a normal thing to secure the loan.  Well, long story short, she never got the loan and she never saw her $250 again.  So, be aware out there, do further research and ask around.