Monthly Archives: September 2014


If you are looking for a really good, healthy, sweet treat that doesn’t have a lot of fat or a lot of calories, or sugar, I have just the solution. I was looking around the other evening for something I could have for dessert that wouldn’t make me gain 20 pounds. I had some strawberries, and some whipped cream, cool whip really. So, I took the frozen strawberries, placed them in a pan, cooked them on medium low, then just put cool whip on top. It tasted like a dessert you’d get in a restaurant. Yummm.  Easy like free money for college or a free lunch from a friend.

New Clothes

New clothes make a big difference in the way you feel. I didn’t think so as being a single mom, you always get left out of the new clothes mix. You are always getting things for your kiddos. Even when people buy you things, you think of what else you can get for them. I was just recently forced by a friend to go shopping for myself. I was drug down the shopping sidewalk and forced into places to try things on. I am sure glad my friend did that, I feel fantastic.  Fantastic like when I got my debt consolidation loans bad credits class finished.   It’s amazing what some new clothes will do.


We went swimming in the pool this last saturday, we didn’t plan on it but I’m glad that we did. We went for a walk originally to walk the dog and saw that there were kids playing at the pool. We decided to take our little girl over to the pool so she can get out and play for a little bit, she had been cooped up due to a cold. We had a great time, it gave her a chance to go play with other little kids her age. It also gave us a chance to just relax and not have to focus 100% on her, but actually were able to have a conversation just between us.  A much better time than when we went to a credit card debt consolidation meeting last week.

Coffee Inventor

I am so grateful for the inventor of coffee. Not only do I like to try new varieties and flavors, but I just enjoy drinking it. I have tried to go without it for a period as there was a period of time where I think I just drank so much that it was giving me a bit of anxiety. I think I only lasted about 2 days and couldn’t take it anymore. There is just something about getting that morning boost from the dark delight that helps you get up and moving in the morning. Some days I need to get motivated more than others like when I went to my debt consolidation loans bad credit meeting with a friend.  And there is something very soothing about feeling that warm yummy goodness slide smoothy down your throat and at the very same time smelling that very familiar smell of the coffee breeze through your nose. I am a fan.

New Dish

I am looking for a new dish set I’m just not sure which kind I should get. I like some of the newer designs, but I also like some of the classic ones too. I’m not really worried about matching anything like my kitchen cabinets or anything, I just want a set that goes together nicely and that will last awhile. I’m not looking for anything too expensive or fancy either like gold plated or really fine china. Here are some videos that I liked. I will continue to shop online and see where I can find the absolute best deals also.  I really should be getting my paper ready for scholarships for moms instead of online shopping.


It is so funny the things that startle a baby. We babysat for a friend of ours the other day and we forgot what it was like to have a baby in the house. We have 3 children of our own, so we knew what to do, it was just like riding a bicycle again after years of not riding one. The funny thing is, you need to relearn how to pedal and balance, or relearning how to consolidate debt when you get yourself in a pinch, but you eventually get it. Same thing with babies. So were watching the baby, and she about jumped out of my husbands lap when I turned the vaccuum on. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again until the little guy is much older. Things you have to relearn.


I really admire those friends of mine that are running on a daily basis. I’m just about at one mile per day, and hoping to go further and further more easily. I have one friend that runs about 9 miles per day! I’m not sure how she does it but I sure admire her. Last run, she was sponsored by a few different companies, one was debt consolidation loans for bad credit company.  It was really nice to see the support.  I’m sure it has to do with practice and endurance. I think the more you practice, the further you can go. I did some research, and here is a video I found about it. I think I’m going to practice on a daily basis until I can get to the point where I can run further and further with no issues. I’m just so proud of my friends for pushing themselves further than their limits for the sake of their health.