Monthly Archives: January 2015


I don’t really understand people that are too moody.  There is nothing in life that serious to be that moody about.  I understand there may be some things that are pretty major that people sometimes go through that would constitute being a bit down.  However, I’m referring to people that have so many things in their lives to be thankful for yet they are always complaining and unhappy.  There is a person in my easy scholarships to apply for class that is this way and they ruin the day for other people.  Perhaps they just need more hugs or something.  I think you should always keep a good attitude.

Air Planes

We are making an air plane []in our teds woodworking review group this week You can see site here: .  I’m pretty excited about this.  the only air plane that i’ve seen or played with growing up didn’t fly.  It was probably one of those plastic ones that could fit characters in them.  Do you remember those?  I can’t remember the name or the brand buy you could open up the top and put the people in it.  The people looked like little weeble wobbles and had painted faces.  This is going to be one of the coolest projects ever.  And to boot, they can fly, we’re also going to attempt to make it a remote control.  We’ll see how far and how long it can fly!