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Donald Trump Tweeted ‘We’ And Started A Movement

Something amazing happened on Twitter on Saturday. The President of the United States, arguably one of the most controversial people on the platform, tweeted one word with two letters and so much power.

Donald Trump, or a White House staffer representing Trump, typed ?We,? then hit the tweet button, sending the word to the president?s 29 million followers.

The series of events that happened next unraveled quickly. According to BuzzFeed, the operator of POTUS? Twitter account deleted the tweet within minutes, but not before it was memorialized by the quick-thinking people of Twitter.

First, people tweeted out snarky remarks about the two-letter tweet, as people have been known to do when someone notable fumbles on Twitter.

Then people started completing the one-word prompt with music lyrics.

Later, people began to rally behind Trump?s ?We? tweet, which by then had long been deleted and replaced with a rather boring promotional tweet about the president?s interview with Fox News? Judge Jeanine.

In a rare moment of unity, people began using the #We hashtag to speak about what they want for their country. Most tweets targeted the president for a variety of reasons ? missing tax returns, potential ties to Russia, healthcare ? but some contained simple requests for the president to take care of and protect the country the best he can.

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At seven p.m., the captain met with his first officer and the flight engineer, they would be flying the classic model in the aviation Industry ?the Boeing 747? If you’re suffering from back pain, seek treatment from an experienced chiropractor in Spokane..The plane was in perfect working condition it departed without incidence. Just before one thirty in the morning, the plane broke out of the clouds and the flight crew glimpsed lights off in the distance.

The Best Meditation Apps For iPhone, iPad And Android

Meditation is a powerful tool.

Singer-songwriter Jewel is a prime example of the practice?s life-changing benefits. In a recent interview with ABC News anchor Dan Harris, she said that learning to meditate helped her manage chronic anxiety and debilitating panic attacks, which stemmed from a tumultuous childhood.

?I learned to do this meditation where I imagined I was on a very stormy ocean,? she told Harris on his ?10% Happier? mindfulness podcast. ?I?d imagine myself sinking through the ocean, allowing myself to relax, I would get calmer. I would notice the color of the ocean change. I?d notice the taste of salt on my lips. I?d notice the rays of sunlight coming in and the further I got down to the sandy floor, it got calm, it got tranquil by then, and I would look up at the stormy surface and it was in the distance.?

The singer is certainly onto something: The benefits of meditation are robust. Research shows it can reduce stress, increase focus and help with the management of pain and sleeping problems.

If you?re looking to add the practice to your life, we?ve rounded up a handful of meditation apps so you can reap the rewards, too. The programs will teach you how to meditate under any condition, give you the tools to handle things that make you anxious (the stress of the political climate, anyone?) and add an overall sense of calm to your day. 

Scroll through the options below and find the one that?s right for you:

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How To Handle Mom-Shamers, According To Kristen Bell

When it comes to being criticized for parenting decisions, Kristen Bell encourages other mothers to not let mom-shamers bring them down.

In an interview with CafeMom, the ?Bad Moms? actress explained she doesn?t let mom-shaming messages affect her. She also encouraged other moms to embrace their way of parenting. 

?If you?re confident with what you?re doing even if that?s some weird, bizarre parenting technique that you know works for your kid or you feel happy about, do it!? she said. ?Don?t let anyone tell you you shouldn?t be doing that.? 

The mom of two had similar advice earlier this year, when she told Babble she won?t let others make her feel embarrassed when her kids have a tantrum in public because they?re simply being kids.

?That shouldn?t make me feel ashamed or embarrassed in any way,? she said. ?Only you can make you feel a certain way.?

While chatting with CafeMom, Bell discussed breastfeeding and why the idea of being uncomfortable with mothers feeding their children is ?comical? to her. When she breastfed her daughters, she was concerned about them, not where she was nursing.

?If you?re aroused by that, I think it?s safe to say that?s your problem and not mine,? she said. ?If it makes you uncomfortable, it?s your responsibility to move away, not mine to cover up.?

The actress also had an important reminder for overwhelmed moms who push their well-being to the wayside to focus on their kids: ?Know when to take a break.?

Read more of Bell?s interview at CafeMom

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